What's Up Columbus has a brand new mission. We started out as an Internet show that helped the people of our community know who some of the owners and leadership are behind some of the businesses in our area.


Now, we're moving on to involve the community more. We want you guys to know what's going on in your community! From safety concerns to bake sales, you need to know what's up and What's Up Columbus invites you to do just that.


Click the "All-New What's Up Columbus" Button below and you'll be taken to a forum site where you can create a profile and talk about what's going on with people in your area. This is just an experiment and the only way this site will even work is if you invite your friends. So try it out (it's all free), tell your friends, share it on your favorite social media and help your community be better.


This isn't another facebook thing you have to do or another way for Online sellers to annoy you with more products. This is a site to tell your friends and neighbors about events. If this experiment works, we'll be upgrading the site with new features and greater content. We might even make some more videos from time to time. But for now, lets give this a go and see what happens.

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